FracBRAIN® technology is a proven hydraulic fracture measurement instrument. We use your pumping data to count small and big breaks in the rock and calculate cumulative fracture surface area. We call those breaks “shear” and “tensile” fractures. Data are streamed, interpreted, and returned to the field within seconds.


FracBRAIN® is our proprietary, patented completions visualization platform. Inputs are pressure, proppant concentration, fluid & chemical rate measurements. Outputs are relative fracture size and fracture magnitude.

As rate and proppant are changed, the fracture intensity and number of fractures change second-by-second. In the figure to the right, notice that fracture intensity (rock quality/ fracture intensity) influences fracture counts.

Without FracBRAIN™ we’re frac’ing blind.



ResBRAIN® uses the fall-off pressure data, post shut-in, and calculates the hydraulicly connected surface area and productivity index (PI) on every stage.  This tool analyses the type and length of different flow regimes within the newly created fracture network. This analysis can be used to determine if a new stage is connected to parent well depletion, or a great natural fracture network.

Results can be utilized in estimating stage level productivity (PI) from rate transient analyses (RTA) and provide insights regarding well-to-well interactions. ShearFRAC® empowers completion teams to improve shear fractures in real time and observe how well spacing affects EUR.

Operator’s Measured Successes

Operator Goal: Increase well productivity by 10% over offset laterals

Result: ShearFRAC® increased productivity 20-41%

Operator Goal: Increase the number of shear fractures achieved per stage

Result: The ShearFRAC® technology increased shear fractures 11-31%

Operator Goal: Use FracBRAIN® to change Operator’s culture to make better wells during live operations

Result: Operator gained confidence quickly after a few stages

Operator Goal: Ease of implementation into Operator’s workflow

Results: Up-front training provided successful integration of FracBRAIN® into Operator’s workflow

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