FracBRAIN™ is our proprietary completion viewing platform. Along with the usual pressure, rate, and proppant concentration curves, we provide block size, shear, and tensile fracture curves to observe how the rock is fracturing in real-time.

Super Shearing

Super shearing occurs when the resonant frequency of the rock is achieved. By observing the block size and shear fractures in real-time we can initiate super shearing. When we achieve super shearing we create exponentially more fracture surface area within the same stimulated reservoir volume.

FracBRAIN™ RE takes the fall off pressure data, post shut in, and calculates stimulated surface flow area (SSFA) on a stage level. We optimize shear count with FracBRAIN™ second-by-second, then convert to SSFA with FracBRAIN™ RE post-stage.

FracBRAIN™: The Future

Our software team are currently hard at work creating a platform for all your completion needs. You will be able to view old stages with like geology to the current stage and overlay the curves. Learning in real-time is essential, but learning from the past can only increase improvements in shear fractures and hence well productivity.